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Changyuan 2017 Christmas Presents

Total Spent: 5,628.50 RMB or $825

Jackets and gloves were bought for every student at Changyuan.

Here are the children with their new jackets, expressing their gratitude: “To our sisters and brothers of IOF, we are so thankful to have you!”

They even danced for us! The song is about being grateful and how they will also work hard.

Some girls danced as well to a song about how love can bring so much.

“To our brothers and sisters: We love you!”

It was so heartwarming seeing how things we perceive as small mean so much to these children. We love you Changyuan!


Target Date: December 2017

As part of our initiative to foster cultural exchange as well as help the children of Changyuan Elementary School, we are fundraising for winter jackets as Christmas presents for the students.


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