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2020 Summer Video Event

Since we unfortunately were not able to visit China this year due to the global pandemic, IOF members Ellen, Tiffany, Victoria, Jessica, Emma, Alina, and Michelle held a heartwarming video event with Changyuan Elementary School students instead.

First, students from each grade level introduced themselves to us through the video call. Each of the 6 grade levels had prepared their own dance for us, so students from each class stepped up to the camera and performed for us. All of the IOF members really enjoyed it, as it was the new officers’ first time meeting the students from Changyuan.

Next, it was time to play games with the students! We had prepared a variety of fun games that could be played virtually, so we spent time with each grade getting to know each other. Our first activity with the younger grades was show and tell, and the students were very curious when we showed them our favorite objects. The next activity, two truths and one lie, was a crowd favorite. We were amazed at how accurately the students guessed in this game, and it was a great way to talk with students from each grade. The students also wanted to know more about us, so we held a Q&A where students could ask questions about the daily lives and hobbies of IOF members.

A snapshot of our video call with the Changyuan Students

Although this year we were unable to visit the students in person, we still enjoyed a fun evening of games and activities with them. We look forward to continuing to support Changyuan elementary school and keeping in touch with the students next year!

Changyuan students in 2017 after receiving jackets as Christmas gifts from IOF


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