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2019 Student and Teacher Support

International Outlook Foundation provides grants to the underpaid teachers and principals of our schools to thank them for their love and devotion to education.

Changyuan Elementary School Teachers

2018: 2000 RMB

2017: 3000 RMB


To support high-achieving students, International Outlook Foundation provides scholarships every year.

2018 Changyuan Scholarship Recipients:

Xin Tang (1st Grade): 500 RMB

Yingqi Tang (2nd Grade): 500 RMB

Lina Chen (3rd Grade): 500 RMB

Haiyan Li (4th Grade): 500 RMB

Xiaoqian Hu (5th Grade): 500 RMB

International Outlook Foundation also provides financial aid to students in need.

2018 Changyuan Financial Aid Recipients:

Yi Cheng: 2000 RMB

Quanliang Chen: 1000 RMB

Jinjing Yang: 1000 RMB

Huaiyu Guo: 500 RMB


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