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Supporting Guangxi Rural School 2020: New Rice Cooker

Total Spent: $450 USD or 2930 RMB

This year, International Outlook Foundation is proud to announce that we will begin supporting Guangxi rural school.

Guangxi School

Guangxi elementary school serves as the home for many children in rural China, and IOF has been in communication with their administration to seek ways to help. We wanted to support these deserving children in the best ways that we could, since many of them do not have parents and rely solely on the school for support.

Guangxi school needed a new rice cooker, since their small cooker could not feed all the students efficiently and broke quite often. IOF provided Guangxi school with the funds to buy an industrial-sized rice cooker to help aid this problem.

We are so glad to see the children enjoying their meals - please feel free to scroll through the photo gallery and take a look!


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